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Having a hard time getting a deep breath in

July 27 2011 I had a cyst on my bottom that I was just hoping would go away but two days later it caused me to go sepsis and I was rushed to the hospital where they cut it open and drained it. I was much better after that but on August 2nd 2011 I suddenly had a very hard time breathing. I would try to go to work but going up the stairs or any physical exertion would cause my pulse to race to 130- 170, I would have shortness of breath, sharp pain in my heart and irregular heart beat. This went on till September 22nd of 2011 when I started my car and it smelled like dirty feet. I took my car to the mechanic on the 26th and he told me I had mold in the air conditioner of my car. I still have the car but I DO NOT TURN THE AIR OR HEATER ON EVER. On October 2nd I felt better for the first time in a long time and slowly have gotten better. However, I still suffer from the feeling that I can not get enough air in my lungs. Through out the day I'm searching for that good breath in and it's constant. I find it eventually only to have to find it four or five minutes later. I told my GP and he referred me to a allergy specialist and a pulmonalogist. So far they have not helped much. I have had chest x-ray, cat scan ekg's which all come back normal. They have tried to treat me as if this is asthma but the medications never help. I have a referal to a nose throat and ear specialist and they want to do a scope my appointment is the 20th until then I found the question from Anelle who is on this website and her condition is EXACTLY like me but that was back in 2002 and the likely hood she would respond is slim to none. If anybody has had what I have or have what I have please tell me. Hope to hear from you thanks.
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If you use dairy, try stopping it.  Consider putting a water filter for your house or at least your shower that specifically filters out chlorine and, if your city adds it, chloramine.  These are very hard on the lungs from what I read.  When you use water and especially shower, the fumes get into the air and can worsen asthma.  Thirdly, if you have acid reflux, that can cause asthma too.  See a gastroenterologist to see if you have GERD or Celiac disease, which also causes heartburn, and I assume, can result in asthma.  
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Hello and hope you are doing well.

There is an entity called exercise induced Asthma, here as the person starts exercise, the changes in the environmental air breathed in trigger an attack of asthma, causing cough and breathlessness. Have yourself evaluated for the same. This can be detected by a spirometry test.

Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
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