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Labored Breathing/ Whistling exhale

I for a while have had some weird breathing problem. It first started at night time where i would wake up and it felt like my neck didnt want to let me breathe easily. This was random at the time. Later on to present i have this problem of just plain uncomfortable breathing. Not so much the feeling i need to take a deep breath but i feeling that its harder to breath (I dont feel like if i had just sprinted a mile) Also, i get a frequent whistling sound exhaling and its wosrt in mornings and after getting out of the shower. Also if i hunch over it goes away but if i stand up and straighten my neck up its there.

I jave had lung function test in past 6 months and astma is ruled out. Inhaler doesnt work either. Allergy otc meds dont do anything. Anxiety meds help distract and make the breathing a little more tolerable but whistling and difficulty is still there. Cardiac test have been fine

Below is a uploaded recording of the whistling while my breathing is more labored than usual. Might have to turn up phone cause my mic didnt record very loudly. I played this for my pcp and said it wasnt stridor or wheezing and blamed it on anxiety and has been loading me up on anti depressants

heres the link: https://goo.gl/Fyeu5C

Any ideas would help cause its always there and becomes debilitating at times

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