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Sinus Infection and Bronchitis

4-5 months ago I had what I thought was a cold ... nasal congestion, sneezing, watery eyes, etc.  After a round of antibiotics and nasal decongestants, my symptoms persisted.  I was sent to ENT where I was diagnosed with a sinus infection.  I've been on 4 rounds of antibiotics and had a ct scan which showed complete blockage of the sinuses. 2 months in, my symptoms still persist and I now have rectal bleeding.  I've seen the GI specialist and have a colonoscopy scheduled.  Now, 4 months in I have a really bad case of bronchitis ... shallow breathing, dry cough, wheezing, serious fatigue, etc.  I'm on albuterol and cough suppresant.  I'm staring to get concerned that I have something worse going on  ... like Wegener's Syndrome.  All of these symptoms are new.  I have no history of allergies or asthma.  I'm healthy and active.  Not only are my symptoms getting worse, but new ones seem to be presenting themselves each month that goes by.  My ENT recommends sinus surgery but can't do it until my respiratory issues clear up ... which don't seem to be happening.  I'm going on 3 weeks now.  Help!
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just a follow up to my previous.   The histological diagnosis was NSIP but the doctors here at SF General feel as though its Hypersensitivity Pnuemonitis.  We had tests for her parrots done against her blood and found no connection.   Might there be another external environmental possibility?  She lives in Eastern New Mexico that does have a lot of wind/dirt as well as dairies that are sprouting up left and right all over the place.  She also has a swamp cooler (evaporative).  We have had that cleaned as well as pulled up all the carpets in the house and did a thourough cleaning of all fabrics, etc.
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What tests for autoimmune diseases did they do? What was her ANA titer?
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What tests for autoimmune disease were done. What was the ANA titer?
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