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Terrible Shortness of Breath

I'm 26 yrs old...smoking for about eight years now...I sometimes get terrible shortness of breath episodes...currently experiencing it now. I don't exercise. About a year ago I went to a pulmonologist, and had a lung function test done..which came back normal...have also had several tests done on my heart including numerous ekgs, halter monitor, event monitor for thirty days, and stress test....all normal. My doctor says that I have anxiety disorder, and am on Klonopin for that. My lungs burn so bad, i feel it in my chest and back...especially when I awake. Is there a chance that they missed something and I could have COPD or emphysema...am scared that I am going to die...PLEASE HELP!!!!
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Do you cough in the morning and at night when going to bed? Do you feel excess phlem in the back of your throat that you can't seem to clear? I have these symptoms along with an occasional shortness of breath and burning lungs. I'm also frquently hoarse and can't help but think it's all related.
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No...I don't really have a smoker's cough..it's just them first few breaths when I wake up that hurt, and my lungs feel like they are on fire.
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Have pulmo dr re-evaulate you;
Especially for yeast and fungus infection(s).  
Clearing the body of yeast (would Help both) but a fungal maybe specific to treatment type
Building UP the Good GI Bacteria/fiber Just Optimal Function for Optimal Health <always helps the Whole Body.  The GI can cause Horrible gastric reflux when sleeping flat 8-10 hours at night & Create some Nasty symptoms that mimic-heart/lung/pain(s) as well as damage espohogus. (Naturally balancing GI takes longest but actually Heals) though identifying (cause-Is also a process BUT Helpful)
Also ~
And a Allergist can do bloodwork for (allergies as our immune systems change every 10 years one can develop and clear these) which Often cause burning & drainage. Histamine blockers Instead of just slambing (fix symptoms OTC's) take longer. But Heal.
Stopping Smoking is Awesome! Adding Supplements that detox-lungs + NAC + licorice +Bromelin & all Round support the heart (omega 3's. CoQ10. Hawthorn)
Help Re-Stabilze Systems & often then The Body can balance & work optimally!
Changes can take 2 weeks - 10 weeks to be really noticed. But are Worth It
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