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Restless leg syndrome

I am not sure I am in the right forum. From everything that I have read ablut RLS it is neurological. My mom has this and I am starting to think that I do Too, but I am also wondering can it make you itch like cazy too because of the weird sensations? Please anyone who can give some insight would be appreciated.
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I have had all kind of blood work and I get kidney stones, so I know that it has nothing to do with my kidney's. The itching can be bothersome because I too get the feeling of ants, bugs crawling all over. My mom has rls and she says that what I describe is what she gets. I have a appointment next week with my doctor I am going to mention it to him. These sensations are worse at night, and i do get it a little during the day. From what I have read it is common. I've also read that some people itch very badly. I have anxiety so this is really bothering me. I worry about other things. Thanks for responding to my post. I appreciate It.
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I have Restless Legs.  This MedHelp website has a Sleep Disorder forum, but I have not used it yet.  I go to www.rls.org and use their forum.  You will find all the info you need there about RLS.  There are various theories as to what causes the syndrome.  Sometimes it is neurological in origin, sometimes it is inherited, sometimes it is mineral deficiency, sometimes it is referred to as a sleep disorder, and sometimes physicians just don't know the why a person has it, so they diagnose on what symptoms a patient reports to them and treat it from there.  

Some people who have RLS, like me, can have sensations of ants crawling on their legs and they will brush them off, which may be like the itching you report.  But intense itching can come from other problems, like poison ivy, allergy to soaps, or even stressed kidneys.  If you have little welts or mosquito type swellings, it's poison ivy or bug bites, and an antihistimine pill or cortisone lotion will help.  If you scratch your head, it's shampoo.  If it itches where your clothes cling to your skin, it's laundry detergent.  If all your skin itches, might be kidneys, so eating lightly for a while and drinking extra water might help that.  Also could be a general allergy to something you eat or something in your environment, which an allergist can determine what is causing it.
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I get the restless feeling and tightness in my legs at night which makes it hard to sleep because I feel like I need to running. It goes away when I stretch my hamstrings and other muscles at the back of my legs (sorry dont know he names) by lying on the bed and bringing one knee up to my chest with the other leg straight down and holding the bent one until the stretching pain goes away. It makes me think its from walking a lot in one day and then not stretching enough. I think its worse when I have a stressful day too.
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