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Very stiff joints without pain?

My husband has very stiff joints almost everywhere. Wrists, fingers, arms, thighs...He only feels tightness, without any pain though. We were sent to a hand specialist at first (since the stiffness originally started with his right wrist being swollen and inflamed). MRI shows that there is fluid where tightness is, but cartilage looks good. The doctor said he has not seen anything like this (stiffness without pain). Rheumatologist suggests that it may be Ankylosing spondylitis, but this should accompanied with pain, while my husband does not feel any. The rheumatologist said he may have a very high pain tolerance, which is not true. He is very sensitive especially with pain. He is now getting less and less flexible each day unfortunately. Has anyone seen/ experienced anything similar? Any insight will be much appreciated.
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Hi HoneyBiscuit,

Welcome and please excuse my tardy response. I hope you are still monitoring our RA Community.

I've dealt with a lot of people that have arthritis, even Ankylosing Spondylitis. I've heard of ppl with extreme pain and others that have moderate or even mild pain - but I've never heard of anyone that doesn't experience pain to some extent.

His symptoms sure sound like one of the over 100 types of Arthritis. I can't imagine what else would cause the inflammation, stiffness and limited movement. At this point it may not matter the exact Arthritis or which inflammatory condition he has - but that he is being treated appropriately.  

I assume you have consulted a Rheumatologist associated with a large teaching facility - especially if you are simply not comfortable with the diagnosis (DX).  These Rheumatologists are up on all the latest inflammatory conditions and often think out of the box.

I hope you'll let us know how your husband is doing. We learn from one another - and your input will be appreciated.

My Best,
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Hi BunnyBiscuit.

Joint stiffness is accompanied by joint pain AND/OR swelling.
In you husband's case it only the latter. That is positive and...rare!

The absence of joint pain called arthralgia, does not disqualify his condition
from being diagnosed as some form of arthritis.

Any labs?
Can you provide some more details about your husband  -brief medical history, habits, diet, activities etc?

Looking forward to your reply.

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