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Do I have Allergic Rhinitis or Empty Nose Symptom?

Do I have Allergic Rhinitis or Empty Nose Symptom?

Nose ct scan which results are as follow:

Minimal mucoperiosteal thickening in bilateral maxilliary, bilateral ethmoid and bilateral sphenoid sinuses; due to minimal siusitis

No evidence of sinonasal drainage pathway compromise.

No focal soft tissue mass or fluid level

No bony wall expansion or destruction

Congest/Swelling at bilateral inferior and bilateral middle turbinates

The nasal septum is deviated and convexity to right

No defininte focal mass or polyposis at nasal cavity

Normal orbits, baske of skull, mastoid air cells, and nasopharnyx

Normal viabrant bilateral Agger nasi cells, left concha bullosa and left haller cell

Allergy test results are as follow:

HEENT congested nasal turbinate 70 - 80%, tonsil 1+, TM intact,

Heart and Lung: within normal limit,

Abdomen: no hepato-splenomegaly,

Skin: no rash

Skin prick test aeroallergen : positive 3+ to House Dust mite

I have had a turbinate reduction sugery done and after 6 to 7 months again the turbinates have got swelled.Before and after surgery my symptoms are same.
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Above is the link for my ct scan image.
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