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Post Care for FESS
It is going to be another month before I can see a local ENT after my out of country surgery, two months ago...I am a bit concerned.
I had aerosinusitus with rhinogenic headache, nasal septum deviation and chronic hypertrophic rhinitis with frontal sinus mucosa edema change where my forehead would 'click'. The operation was bilateral functional endoscopic sinus surgery with navigation assist and 2 septomeatalplasty
My out of country doctor has limited email correspondence, so I am posting here in hopes that you might help me and perhaps others.
Dr CCH wrote:
Hello, Brian

Due to insufficient time of post-operative wound care and debris cleaning in our hospital, I am worried about the possibility of restenosis of frontal sinus. Do you have yellowish or purulent rhinorrhea recently? Do you have frontal sinus fullness sensation? I think that it could be helpful to exclude this possibility via a sinoscope exam, a sinus x-ray or another CT scan. However, If a negative findings was noted in these examinations, a consultation with neurologists to exclude the possibility of migraine or tension headache may be necessary. Usually the cause of headache will be elucidated with the cooperation of the neurologist and otolaryngologist. Hope the headache will be resolved soon and everything will be fine.

Sincerely yours


Me: I have Frontal Sinus Fullness
very Minor rhinorrea and I feel that my frontal sinuses are not as open (restenosis?) and deep inhalations or raised blood pressure causes a sensation of my frontal sinuses that is not comfortable, is like a headache, is painful, and seems like it is sinuses 'deflating'. Does that make sense? There is no purulent discharge, I have no fever. Is it a case that the new space in the frontal sinus will just take time to heal? Should I be concerned or accept that the post operation feeling will be the new status quo?
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It is difficult to provide you with advice without performing an examination. At this point, it would be best for you to seek an appointment with an ENT who may see you sooner than one month, as he/she will be able to provide you with advice for your situation. Thank you, and I hope this helps.

Dr. Nassif
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