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absolutely hate my nose and in the dark about all thi, can anyone please give me some advice?

I have always hated my nose. My nose is kind of flat with a big ol den't right in the middle! so the tip is kind of like 2 parts sticking out a little with the middle indented. the dent is only a couple mm but it's quite obvious cuz its always in shadow. anyways.. i really hate it. i am 21 years old and have hated it all my life, to the point i can't even look in a mirror at myself without  feeling downright horrible. i never thought i would do anything about it but now that im older i think, it might totally be a good idea! i dream about how much better i would feel about myself if i wasnt so freaking self concsious about it.
i've heard that there is nonsurgical procedures they can do with injection and i'm wondering if that might be a good option, but i have no idea if that would work for me. i'm terrifed about screwing up my nose though and actual surgery doesnt sound appealing...

most importantly.. i havent yet talked to my mom about this but i want to. i feel i should do some research before i ask her about it so i know what i am thinking about getting myself into, but i dont really know where to start searching. how does one go about finding a good doctor for this type of thing? Also, anyone know how much it costs? im sure its not covered by insurance.

i would really really really appreciate any help! thank you!
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Hello Mozambique,

I would have to take a look at your photos to give you my opinion of what the best option would be for you.  I do not believe in the non-surgical procedures. They may cause scarring and destroy the nasal tissue.  If you would like, you can send any photos to Lisa, my patient care coordinator at ***@**** and I can evaluate them.  You can also contact Lisa to schedule a consultation.  Depending on your insurance, they usually cover any functional part of the procedure but cosmetic would be separate. A proper consultation would be the best thing for you. Thank you so much for your question, hope this helps.

Dr. Nassif

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