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Afraid about std and I need to test for std

9 month ago I had Protect sex with Prostitute in dubai. During sex full time condom does not break or slip. I kissed her lips and licking with my tongue but she doesn't open her mouth and she doesn't had 99% any sores on her lips After my sex I noticed she had pad in her panty with blood stain.
I am afraid about oral Std and genital std
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If you had protected sex, you had no risk for anything except genital herpes, HPV and syphilis, and those are all very small risks.

I wouldn't worry about any of them if you haven't had symptoms. If you are still worried, the only thing I'd bother testing for now is syphilis, which is a simple blood test. There is no test for HPV, and the blood tests for herpes can give false positives if you are even able to get them where you live. It isn't worth testing if you haven't had symptoms, since your risk is so low.

Kissing with your mouth closed if she doesn't have sores is really not a risk. It's possible to get oral herpes, but again, if you haven't had symptoms, I wouldn't worry.
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Thank you for your reply...
I did nt have any symptoms like sores out break in lip and genital...
Last one doubt I only kiss her lips with open mouth and lick her lips that one thing is afraid to me...
Through my eyes I didn't saw any sore on her lips because she apply lipstick.
Lipstick doesn't cover sores. You'd still see it. And kissing is very, very, very low risk for syphilis. You'd have to do deep kissing, and it's still very rare.

You do not need to worry about this.
Thankyou very much
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