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Aldara, Condylox, TCA, and Podophylin

Ok, I wanted to ask a doctor, but that forum is closed for new questions. So here it is...all help is precious:)

I think I might have genital warts. I am going to buy some white vinegar to make a home diagnosis, as the warts apparently turn white.  If I have it, I know of various home treatments. Which should I try? Which is most effective?

Condylox - apparently it is a weaker gel of podophyllin toxin, which burns off the warts.  Has anyone used it? Where can I get it online?

Aldara - cream that helps your immune system target the warts? Again, has anyone used it? Where can I get it online?

TCA - an acid that burns the warts off? Has anyone used it? Where can I get it online?

I was thinking of trying to get both condylox and aldara. That way, the condylox can destroy the actual warts and the aldara can attack them from the inside out.  How does this sound?


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Condylox is very strong and I have heard that Aldara is equally as strong.  I wouldn't use them at the same time.

I used Condylox and got a severe reaction from it.  If you use it, use it sparingly an donly on the warts.  It will appear like it's doing nothing but it really is.  

I don't know about the other treatments.  But if mine come back, I will try to have them frozen off.

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Don't bother with the vinegar.  Its not a reliable test, and things might turn white that are not warts, and things that turn white might not be warts.

The best thing you can do is see a doctor for a diagnosis.  You'd need a prescription (in the US) for those things anyway.

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