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Am I at risk for an STD, I feel some symptoms.

I’ve had sex with 3 sex workers, 2 at a fairly clean massage parlour and 1 at a strip club.  At the strip club it was oral sex only (with a condom) after I continued to master bate by myself without a condom but she had put saliva on me as lubricant but I did not finish.  For the 2 massage parlours incidents I had oral and vaginal sex with a condom on for 15-20 minutes; however, when I use condoms for too long I notice I get a chafe or a burn on the bottom of my penis shaft.  The ladies took off the condom and finished me off with their hands (without a condom).  It’s been 13 days and I randomly decided to get a test, as soon as I got the test I started researching symptoms and maybe it’s in my head but I feel pain in my testicles and a little discomfort when peeing.  I went to the ER and they said I shouldn’t be too worried about it as it’s not common.  I’ve seen many posts like this already but difference is that I am circumcised... am I at more risk?  Note that I have very sensitive testicles to begin with, I never let anyone touch them during sex and I’ve felt this way.  If it helps, these encounters happened once a month for 3 months, so from the first encounter it’s been 3 months since I got tested.  I’m freaking out but I’ve seen a lot of posts here that get reassurance I’m at no risk, I have my urine and blood tests coming in within 2-3 days.  
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I dont think that u had a risk. Thats because the sex is protected. Thats what condom are supposed to be for. Why use condom if one will get infected?
Hence, i dont think u have any risk. Good luck with the test.
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What about the burn or chafe on my shaft?  I’m really afraid because I keep touching my testicles and they start to hurt but I can’t tell if it’s because I touch them to see if they’re swollen or they actually hurt.  They’re very sensitive to begin with.  
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That is a possiblity.
I think you shouldnt be analysing ur symptoms, just see the test results and get done with it. Good luck
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Update: got my tests back and it says negative for gonorrhea and chlamydia; however, for chlamydia it says the urine sample was above 60ml and can sometimes produce false negative results?  Is this something I should be worried about?  Also is my doctor/lab an idiot for not taking that into account, kind of annoyed at this.  
Your doctor/lab is kind of annoying for not realizing that, but again, everything you did that would have put you at risk was protected.

The chafing on your shaft could be dry skin, a fungal infection, etc - all unrelated to the sex. The next time you use a condom, put a small drop of lube on the head of your penis before rolling it down and see if that helps with the chafing, or try putting some lube on the outside of it.

Does this mean I still have a chance of testing positive?  It’s concerning that the results haven’t gotten to my doctor yet, makes me think there’s something wrong or off in the results that they need to look deeper into.  Yea as far as the chafing goes, I’m not too sure why I happens but I’m going to try what you suggested in the future.  By the way, thanks for your input whoever you are.  
Yes as far as oral and vagina sex goes I was protected, I did almost by accident go anal but she quickly said “little lower” is that something I should be worried about?  
I really hope this works out, I just can’t tell if the symptoms are in my head and I keep touching myself causing burns and pains or it’s real.  Regardless I’m going to post the updates here, maybe it’ll help someone out there who is freaking out like me.  
No, you had no risk. Even if you had done anal, you were protected.

Stay off the internet and stop inspecting your penis. Your penis is your friend - treat it kindly. :) Leave it alone for a few days, go off and do fun things, and see if that helps.
All good here, tests came back negative!
Congrats! :)
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