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Anyone had a False Negative

Has anyone here experience a false negative test either Gonorrhea or Chlamydia?
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All medical tests carry a false negative rate but a very low one.  It is 1% to 4 % risk of a false negative.  Testing too soon is the biggest way to get a false negative. Hope that helps.
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Thank you! I have been stressed out after negative testing due to voiding a very small burst not in the cup. Wanting to hear from accounts that have experienced a false negative. I believe more likely to receive a false positive?
You are worried about a false negative because you voided (urinated) prior to your test sample in the cup?  As in you urinated before testing?  
That it was closer to a midstream as I had urinated for a quick burst prior to getting it in the sample cup. I would say less than a quarter ounce was omitted from the sample. I had not urinated in 2-3 hours prior to test was taken 7 am.
Most places will tell you not to urinate for 2 hours before a test.  You had a dollop of pee it sounds like.  Greatly believe that would not impact anything.  You can ask the lab but this is a bit of a stretch.
Thank you! I would think so I also drank less than 20 ounces in the 12 hours leading up to the test.
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yes i was told i had it at 20 by gf treated with antibiotics but no test from er, im 38 still have burring every day no answer every test in the book many drs over many year many antibiotics, only thing i can say i broke out with ngu at end of no test 30 days first treatment the female dr stuck a  smoking hot metal loop dna ghonnera culture in me scope showed nothing
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iv been test for everything im a male have a pelvilc pain like thing drs cant find a thing   with urethritis been going on since i was 20 im 38 been to urologist and Universities ect quit going
Wow sorry to hear that.
I can't imagine why a doctor would use a hot metal loop for anything, or how they'd heat it.

Look up chronic pelvic pain syndrome, see if that fits.
iv know what pelvic pain syndrome thats what i claim i have  no proof all i can say is when the urethritis broke out they used a metal cultur dna graft tool for it, it had smoke coming off it 5 ft away i closed my eye did years in worse pain than when i first got there ,it was a ghonrea metal dna graft tool that was still smoking hot ,i think it pissed the dr off told i was seening a 16 year old i just tunrnd 20 ,had not been will any unprotected sex before her
There is no grafting tool used to collect samples for gonorrhea, chlamydia or any other STD. There isn't anything used that's hot. I've worked in this field for a long time, and never once have I seen a hot metal tool.

There may be a metal shaft that is used to collect a sample, especially 18 years ago, but I can't imagine how it would have been smoking hot, literally.

CPPS is hard to "prove" - it's often a rule-out diagnosis, where they rule out a lot of other things first, and then diagnosis you with that.
well im some what better but still burn sting most the time when doing nothing it feels good to pee and have sex,or orgasm i have bad body pain off on testicles pain off on  but im doing better with nothing best i ever did was 8 9 10 11  years ago had a 4 year relationship but it run off a 1 or 2 Vicodin when they was cheep sex 5 to 10 times a day never got addicted just quit to many people died from fake stuff
https://ecampusontario.pressbooks.pub/microbio/chapter/using-physical-methods-to-control-microorganisms/ Figure 14.4. (a) Sterilizing a Sterilizing a loop, often referred to as “flaming a loop,” is a common component of aseptic technique in the microbiology laboratory and is used to incinerate any microorganisms on the loop this is what they stuck in me in 2002  after urethritis broke out it was still smoking hot when dr come in to er room, 3 female nurses held me down was a female dr did his in a er in ohio in  early 2002
These things are not designed to go anywhere near your penis.  That would cause permanent damage and scarring.  I can't imagine a doctor would put one in your urethra unless they wanted to do serious damage!  Am I on my own here?
they used  a metal inoculation loop, also called a smear loop, inoculation wand or microstreaker all metal  on me a male it was still hot like i said 5 ft away it was still smoking  i went to er had no family dr and was a week end when urethritis broke out on end of a 30 day no test doxycycline treatment the girl was 100%  she had chlamydia i was with her  6 months , the a male er dr give me the doxycycline 30 days before
i just know what it looks like dont have no billing info on it
thanks for the help sorry for hijack this guys post i found the real culprit they called it a metal loop cutlture in er back then, it was a culture it was a metal inoculating needle with a bend still smoking hot they scraped down in my male urethra it looked like a small nut pick years of wanting  to kill my self after this, where to go now i don't no i was scoped years ago it was very red but nothing seen inside
You should definitely create your own post if you have your own questions so we don't hijack his post any further.

That metal loop and/or needle is used in labs, not on patients. If they used it on you, that's all kinds of wrong, even 18 years ago. I'm sorry that happened.

I'd suggest finding another urologist for more follow up.

For anything further, you should create your own thread.
THEY USED IT ON ME the wire needle thing was so hard the dr had a hard time using stainalless side cuts to cut 2 inches of wire tip to put in lab blood like beaker  to keep it out of air  it  took two people to cut it  i just was thinking this was a normal test all these years ,
This seems crazy.  I'm not into compensation and being litigious but in your position, if i had any evidence, i'd sue the s**t out of them
balls in motion thanks to you  found out the  petri dish Inoculation loop is not to go in a mans dick for vd test went to my nurse cause  this dr still works same place as my family dr, going to the hospital bord to over view this  you all helped me id 18 years of wrong and 1000s of tests that led know where, as for going in hot  i can now rember she dipped it in something just before
i only knew what the tool looked like it took this few days of chat  looking at images to id the  name of the tool
next test will be to find the hole or small scare in my urthera this caused  many years of  bad bad wanting to die pain im better some but it hurts where she scraped this tool in me  
Good luck! Let us know what happens. I'm so glad we could help, but I'll be happier if it results in you actually feeling better. :)
this dr handed over her ohio  licence in 2010 report was she was using abusing prescription drugs since 2004 probation since 2007 was snorting pain killers, did this in  2003  to me medical records are only keep 10 years
Oh damn. I'm so sorry.

Maybe talk to a lawyer? Someone must still have some records, maybe?
test dont after 2004 ohio state University scope nothing  but red looking  urethra  1000ths of trips to every hospital in the ohio valley urine and cotton cultures,  random er test in the night bags and bags of iv blind antibiotics, sed rate test+ internalist  dr  , years of 60 100 day atibiotic pill scrips every type, prostate
massage swabs 100s ,and nut housess for wanting to die from pain for finding nothing, no pain killer at all the organge crap never helped in the start hla b 27- test   no disease found,
35 % better laid in bed almost 4 years was some what abusing painkillers  to go out to have any life or saved up xanax  for use on pain ,sucidce got so bad they put me on clozaril called me a skizzo it helped with pain
now days it feels like a bad paper  cut daily in me were metal thing was put in me other times feels like a hornet crawled up in me some time i dont fell much pain at all
but after talking on here im 100% i was  urethral scraped with a petri dish harpoon needle with foot or small petri dish inoculation loop  fired blacked out for mild burning first male test ever
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The NAAT is very sensitive, but if you are concerned, just go get another test done.

Have you followed up on the high glucose?
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