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Burning sensation when urinating, but tested negative for everything...please help.

Long story short.  I received unprotected oral sex from a woman on March 2nd.  About 2 weeks later, I get a burning sensation when I am urinating.  I went to a STD clinic and they did the swab test and took blood.  I tested negative for Chlamydia , Gonorrea, HIV and syphilis.  I also gave them a urine sample and that came back negative as well.  I decided to go to a regular doctor and he took urine to see if I had a bladder/kidney infection and that came back negative.  I have no discharge, no sores or anything out of the ordinary going on, other than it is irritating to urinate.  Sometimes everything is fine, other times it burns right when I begin to pee, but then goes away as soon as the pee starts coming out.  Other times when I wake up and pee, my whole urethra hurts.  My doctor said I have urethritis.  I did some looking and he told me to call him back if it did not go away.  I called him back, told him it did not go away, and he prescribed Ciproflaxin, 500 mg tablets, 2 a day for 10 days.  Well, that didn
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Well, I doubt it's anything.  But try to think back if this is the first time you haver ever experienced this.  If so, then it's probably okay.  I am not a doctor and don't claim to be.  But take it from me, that I am having the same symptoms right now and have been tested and am negative for everything.  First off, if you are talking march 2nd of this year then it is too early for the results to be accurate on many things, including HSV and HIV.  BUT, that does not mean you have it so put that out of your m  Youind.

It is not easy to get something in the fashion you described, it is possible but unlikely.  To share a story with you, I had unprotected sex with a girl that apparently has been known to get around.  I was told to "wrap it up".  After a couple of encounters, I noticed a lot of itching down there and a few days later in my inner thigh a red spot showed up.  Of course I researched the hell out of what it could be and you know what kept popping up, herpes!  So I convinced myself that is what I had.  I read just about every damn post on this site as well.  After reading everything I was convinced.  I went and got tested and was negative.  But, it hadn't be three months yet so I still could have it.  Rather than sweat it out I asked her to go to my doctor and have the same test.  Guess what, we are both negative for herpes type 1 and 2.  Diagnosing yourself is bad.  They say a million things could be an STD, but what they don't tell you is that a million things might not be an STD as in my case.  I am sure you are fine.  I am not a doctor, but, hey right now it burns a little when I pee too, and I have been extremely nervous thinking I have or my girl has herpes.  Stress can do it too.  Just get checked out.  Get your partner to do it too.  What you need to remember is that there is a TON of other non STD conditions that can cause this  I'm sure you are fine and it doesn't sound like you have anything at all to worry about.  Don't let the internet scare you.  It happens, but be safe.  Go to a doctor and stay away from WEBMD LOL!
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Last month a gay give me oral unprotected oral sex from the second day i had fever and burning in my penis i went to the doctor they give me dioxcycline for seven days but no improvement then i go to the another doctor they give me dioxycycline and ciproloxin and tell me do the std test. I do my std test and that was negative. Doctor told me you have nothing if i have nothing why then i should have burning can any test show me what is the problem or you know nay medicine please help me
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I have had burning in my penis for three years , cold night sweats , rash allover my body , and pain in the right side of my back. Gone to the doctor and got tested for everything. He said everything is fine. He told me it's all in my head. Only thing is. My wife has the same thing. I just want to feel better. Thx.
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See a new Dr, this has nothing to do with STD's.
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I got tested twice now for herpes 1 and 2 both came out negative it was a blood test but I have symptoms and it burns when my pee gets on my vagina lips. I tested negative for everything else including yeast infection and ect. My doctor thinks its folliculitis but I really dont think so.
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