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Can chlamydia stay unnoticed for two years?

I am a female.Ive had unprotected sex that lasted for a moment since 2 years ago. I didn't have sex after that. Now I just learned about STDs,I am so worried I might have chlamydia,so I read that the body naturally fights it and gonorrhea off? Is that true? Please help. Thank you
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Hi in women it can go undetected if inside your vaginal area but if inside your urethrea you would have sympotms of a white puss and burning while urinating about a week after exposure and with gono you are correct that the body can heal itself.
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Thank you so much Dr,so do you think taking antibiotics for gonorrhea would be worth it or it's not needed? I can't test here because I live in the middle East and premarital sex is a taboo here. I'm just so scared.
for something 2 years ago and no symptoms testing would not be recommended but if it would ease your anxiety then test.
Thank you Dr. I really appreciate your help. I just cant put my mind to rest cuz I read many sources that said gonorrhea can stay up to 4 years.
Your really stressing over something not worth the worry and another thing is if that person had gono he would not have sex with you as the pain would be to much. Gono in men is no joke and is very painful.
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Thank you so much Dr. What about Chlamydia?
If I did a test for gonorrhea would chlamydia appear too if it's present?
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Please its a life or death matter ;( is there a risk I have chlamydia?
Neither chlamydia nor gonorrhea can cause death.
It's not that,I live in the middle East. If my family finds out I will be dead. We had to do the US green card Medical exam which involves HIV and gonorrhea,maybe chlaymadia I don't know it's not mentioned.
Gonorrhea and HIV are only mentioned. I am very scared of the results.
Very few people have no symptoms with clymidia or gon. Left untreated about half get pelvic inflammatory disease, some clear the bacteria. The chances of you having any bacterial STD and not knowing it are very slim. Your anexity is getting the best of you.
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