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Candida and other STD's

Hello, I went to a place in Prague and have been with a girl. We kissed each other and had Protected sex with condom. I felt a strong bad smell from the girl vagina and I got immediately stressed because I thought she might have candida or something else. I touched her with my fingers and my main concern is if I touched my penis with my finger and she has candida what's the risk for me to get infected? And from the kisses? She gave me oral protected and sex protected. I feel my penis irritated, and when "hard" (sorry for the english and to be rude to explain it) I saw like some white skin or like some small spots but like when skin is dry or irritated. But might be I see it because I had friction and my penis is irritated after the sex I had few days ago. I don't see big spots , don't have discharge or things like that orliquid. Please, let me know. Thanks a lot
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Hi using a condom would protect from std entering your urethra and would prevent candida from infecting the penis skin. Touching is zero risk and kissing would no pass it either.
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Hi and thanks. So Candida cant be transmitted skin to skin and with vaginal liquid to my skin? I thought is a disease that can be passed from fluids or touch because is a mushroom...Thanks a lot
its a fungal infection and can be trasmitted skin to skin if your genital area outside the condom made rubbing contack
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What you mean is that the contact need to be direct? So if I touch her in vagina and fluids goes to my hand and from my hand to my penis this is not Risk to get the candida from my hand to my penis? Thanks a lot
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touching does not pass it
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