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Chancroid - rare but all the symptoms match


It is going on my 3rd year with problems (started Dec 2006) in an encounter with an old HS boyfriend (non circumcised, ex-Marine who was in Korea & other places, rock band, etc.).  I immediately within a week developed a large half inch size bump on the vagina.  I went to the dr who cut out part to test - ingrown follicle was the result (got to say no hair in that area); but put on antibiotics which really had no effect.  

PID Resolved:  
My symptoms worsened - 2 emergency visits, multiple gyno visits (different ones), dermatologists (different ones), cyro, rolfing massage, etc.  - finally in September (9 months later), I found a dr who listened and said I had PID (which seemed to match my symptoms and match what I had started to believe in research online) - fixed the back pain, high temperature (92-99), high blood pressure, puffy tummy, pain, tiredness, etc.  I was fixed in a Week.  note:  I was told by one gyno - that I had endometriosis (which there were NO Symptoms).  I was also run through every STD test - which all came back negative.
- Syphilis (no) - forced dr to test multiple times because of the bumps.
- Herpes (no) - only the oral cancer sore kind
- chlamydia (no)
- gonorrhea (no
- hiv (no)
- hpv (no)
- strep B (yes) - antibiodics, but supposedly this is present.
- mrsa (no)
I have a folder which is about an inch thick on test results, information, complete with charts on when this occurs, how long, what antibiotics and meds I have been put on.

Mystery Bump Continues:
However - the other ongoing problem of this bump continued.  :(
It is now going on year 3 and I have started pushing dr to come up with something - and am getting the "Chancroid only happens overseas and is really rare".  But all the symptoms add up:
- large nasty bump filled with plus, blood and moves around (YES)
- uncircumcised men (YES - he was and was at the locations where this may be)
- painful to go potty (YES - and it is hard to sit, walk, move when they are present; extremely painful when it has burst and you have to pee - it would feel better if someone rubbed salt and a hot poker).
- must look odd (YES - so far there has been over 4 drs in gyno, 1 in urology - who jumped back when they saw it; regular drs, and several in dermatology) - none seem to know what it is... BUT TAKE A WARM BATH THAT SHOULD HELP!!
- looks like the a couple of the pictures that are Chancroid online (YES) see the ClitoralAbsces.jpg picture
- can be mistaken as syphilis (YES - that is why I forced them to test me for it a year earlier)

The only way that I have been able to treat it is to watch it and then get it to pop (to relieve the pressure), let it drain (puss/blood, gewy but sometimes a hard center), put some Hydrogen peroxide (yes I know - but it kills stuff and it slows it down from spreading at least that is what I think), wash with hyberclines all around down there, and use a pad to try to soak up the drainage over the next couple of days (which could heal in half a day to 4 days).  I try to touch nothing and wash as to not spread it anywhere in the house.

Drs keep dinking around with this - why not, they don't have to live like this.  I am lucky if I can get in when it is there - then they don't seem to test it.  then another month, then another month. My life sucks...  I have been cut on and stitches, poked, aspired, stared at, ridiculed, treated like I am making this up, ignored, injected with needles, etc.  What used to be a vary beautiful part of my body is now all stretched out and scarred.  I hurt, I am embarrassed, depressed, tired, angry, frustrated (in more ways than one; there is no sex life) - I just want to be back to my old self (not that there was a sex life there - but you could) or have this fixed.

My fear is that the list of antibiotics and other medications, has now put this into a resistant strain AND IT IS GETTING WORSE and it is coming back faster and lasting longer, and there are more of them.  I have been on the following: ciprofloxacin, nitrofurantoin, amoxicillin, doxycycline, azithronmycin, erythromycin.  The last round 30 days on doxycycline Nov/dec 2007; then erythromycin 10 days beginning of March 2008.  It was less than 3 weeks between the out break (this is with a bath and a shower each day).  It seems to occur a couple of days before my period (but this is not always true).

Is there a dr that can see me (Northwest area) that can look at this thing and treat it.  I am willing to buy a ticket and travel to wherever at this point (east coast, mid west,.. ).  I need a dr who specializes in weird STD Vagina stuff - so they can quickly tell if it is Chancroid which I believe it is or treat this infection for once and all.    

Other questions:
- could this be caused by allergy?  has anyone reported something similar related to soap or pms pads (I have monitored soap but can see no difference).  

Thanks for listening and please provide some needed help...
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Hi there -

I would go with the chancroid theory, but 1gm of azithromycin will cure chancroid.

Have they cultured this sore for herpes?  You could have genital herpes tpe 1.  How often do you get it?  

In the Northwest, there are 2 AWESOME places you can go.  One is the Westover Heights Clinic in Portland, Oregon.  If Terri Warren can't figure out what's wrong, no one can.  http://www.westoverheights.com/index.html

The other one is the Univ of Washington has an std clinic AND an infectious disease program.  One of the docs in the experts forum here is at Univ of Washington.  This is the link for the ID clinic - http://uwmedicine.washington.edu/PatientCare/MedicalSpecialties/SpecialtyCare/HARBORVIEW/Infectious/index.htm

I personally would go to either one and trust them implicitly.  They have world-wide repuations.

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Yes they cultured for herpes (or tested) me for herpes over 3 times; all were negative (except for the cold core kind).  The bumps come usually monthly, but there are some months I think they are not there - but I think they are just smaller and not as painful.

I will look up the drs.  I am at the point to try almost anything.  
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Good luck, and let me know.  :)

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I just read teh womans post,Vain V, my wife has similar symtons  and same place,if seh would ahev herps type i   would  i have symtons and if so what  would they be.
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If she has herpes, you might or might not have it.  If you did, they might be blisters, paper-cut looking sores, redness, etc.

If you are concerned that your wife has genital herpes type 1 or 2, she could get tested.  INSIST that her doc do a type specific culture, and you should get tested with a type specific IgG blood test.

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Do a search on Chancroid and medical you can find all sorts of information, see if this is what she has.  It seems to match what I have.  BUT they claim that on 125 people in the US had this - so Dr are not interested in testing or considering that it could be Chancroid.

The pictures are scary.  Made me keep pushing to see if I could find some more information and be sure whether this is it or not.  

A good sites are:

I would be curious is this looks like what she thinks she has; even if it is not chancroid - it is somewhat nice to know that I am not the only one.  I will keep getting checked at my end and you all yours.  see if we can find something that fits and fixes us.  :)
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Thanks for thei nfo but my wife wouldnt likeit if  she  knew i asked the Dr about the test for herps, she has alow self esteem a sit is, and is asahmed of  her life stye before we met, even throughti told her her doesnt matter to me.so this is asenative area.
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Is your wife getting symptoms?  If she is, she needs to be seen.

She could have some kind of bacterial infection that has nothing at all to do with her past, and she would need treatment.

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Your exact/correct diagnosis: Hideradenitis suppurativa.  AKA  Verneuil disease.    AKA  Velpeau disease.  This is a chronic disease of the apocrine (sweat)  glands.  My story is similar to yours regarding the Dr.s incompetence and lack of compassion.  Go to a local dermatologist or surgeon - don't waste your money traveling for this seemingly simple diagnosis. There is bound to be someone local, competent enough, who can verify my diagnosis. I hope you read this post as I do not have any other way to contact you. Please reply asap.
This disease gets progressively worse.  We were looking in the wrong direction all these years. Please reply to my email.

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