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Chlamydia or something else

I am a 21 ear old male. a few days ago I had sexual contact with another man.  No penetration happened but both of us kissed, gave/received oral, and the other man rimmed me and played with my anus a bit with his finger. A few days later I had an unusually large night of drinking and when I woke up I had substantial burning when urinating.  I went to the doctor and they took urine samples but said due to the amount of leukocytes in the urine they were just going to treat me for chlamydia as that seemed most likely. However I have no blood, discharge, or erectile dysfunction. I took one dose(4pills) of azithromycin yesterday, but as of today I have not noticed much of a difference.  The only thing I have noticed different is now my right side feels somewhat tight as does the lower part of my back right on the base of my spine.  No pain, just a feeling of tenderness and discomfort.  Since this feeling wasn't present yesterday I am worried that it signals something else possibly prostatitis or epididymitis.  If so would the antibiotics they gave me help cure these or would I need something different if it is something other than chlamydia?  Most of all I just want the burning to stop.  Any help would be great

also a side note I have a hemmorhoid that has been uncomfortable since yesterday as well.
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I doubt this was chlamydia. As for medication we can't give any type of advice, and I doubt epidiymitis also.

Might just be irritation and/or dehydration. Give it 1 week if not better follow up with Dr.
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Just got urinalysis back, wasnt chlamydia or gonorhhea , but burning when urinating is still present. Has reduced but still very present. Hopefully it will clear up soon.
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