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I read online that an advanced case of female chlamydia women may develop back pain.  How long does it take for a women to develop back pain?  And would back pain be an isolated symptom or most likely also have clear vaginal symptoms as well, etc?   Would a women experience back pain from chlamydia infection within a month or two with no other symptoms?

Also, I have read up on chlamydia and it seems that transmission via kissing or oral is extremely unlikely.  I have even read a post where man received oral and had chlamydia and Doctor indicated he more likely received from his normal partner thru intercourse than from a random oral job.  I also do not seem to have the tell tale male symptoms - but why then did the urine test for bladder infection come back negative?  Do they test for all or most common bacteria?  Could it still be a UTI?

I would appreciate only medical or similar anecdotal feedback with conclusion.

Thank you

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Hi, when we talk about back pain from an std its most from gonoreah and in women is called PID and would not be just limited to the back but the entire pelvic area also. But also can infect the tubes and urterous.
Also in women its most often with no symptoms in the beginning and thats why it spreads. Urine tests can detect it.
Symptoms of chlamydia would be most often a white/gray puss discharge coming from the urethra not the vaginal area but could be in the vaginal area also and produce a white discharge as well. Whte means infection.

Yes most std doctor specialits agree that chlamydia cannot be spread from oral sex.
Have a urine test for uretha infection and a swab of the vaginal area for vaginal infection.
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