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Condon Broke

On Saturday, I had protective anal sex with a girl who never had anal before. She was 100% clean. I did not use any lubrication (I did not know what the right one to use was. Before we had sex, she already had taken a shower (And, she had a break out on her privates from using the wrong soap that would not play a part, right?) As I said, she was on her stomach. I did not take one (but I was clean still from a wash up). When we started, I lay her on her stomach (to avoid having sex in the vagina), put on the condom (which was good because the expiration date is 2020) and within a few strokes, I heard the condom break at the head (majority of the condom was still on my penis) and I quickly pull out within 1 to 5 seconds. I took off the first condom and put on a second one, which worked perfectly. Before I cum, I pull out her anus, took off the condom and cum on the right side of her buttocks, not in her anus. I check her again and she was dry from anus and vagina. After we finished, I wipe off with my towel and I wipe her off with both toilet, paper towel with a little soap, and dap of water. Before I took her home, I check her again, and she looked normal. Afterwards, I took a shower and wipe off my penis with soap and warm water. I change my bed sheets (even though they were clean, I did not want to take any chances). I called her yesterday to check up on her and she say she is fine. I'm worried; do I have HIV/AIDS, STI's, crabs, Chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, chacroid, trichomoniasis, scabies, genital warts/herpes, or Hepatitis B. Is my partner pregnant or have the same diseases because she was dry before and after protective anal sex and she was a virgin with diseases. Do I have to get a Plan B or Emergency Contraction? In addition, I heard you only have 72 hours.
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