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HPV vaccine

Would be ok for me to have the HPV vaccine if I have already had genital warts. I have done some research and see The vaccine is of the protein and not The actual virus nor dna so that would not cause infection and that is the main question here is if the vaccine will cause a worse infection by getting it. I have had other opinions and has said to be ok and that it was safe and effective. I guess I am looking at the worst case scenario. I do want to get the vaccine, I’m just want to make sure it will not make anything worse but if it is ok and have been told yes than I will go ahead with it. Thanks for your help. Just want to make sure it is safe. If it will make anything worse I just won’t get it but do want to.
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You would need to ask your doctor.  There are numerous strains of HPV.  Most clear on their own and are not anything to worry about.  How old are you?  Typically this is given during adolescence but they will give it up to 26 years of age.  The reason why is that many have been exposed by that age and it makes it tougher for the vaccine to have an impact after that.  You've already had hpv, you say.  This is an article to read,  https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/hpv-infection/in-depth/hpv-vaccine/art-20047292  It states that getting the HPV vaccine even if you have had hpv prior would be beneficial as there are so many strains, it would counter additional strains you could be exposed to.  Your doctor would tell you if it is specifically safe for you but would imagine it is.  Again, you need to be in the right age range though.
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The vaccine has recently gotten FDA approval for people up to age 45, so if you fall between 27 and 45, still talk to your doctor.

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