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Help? Some opinions please

Hey everyone!

I was hoping to get a couple of opinions about the possibility of me contracting a STD. 7 weeks ago, I had vaginal sex with a girl. After about 3 minutes, the condom broke and we stopped having sex. About 5 days later i started feeling like I had a fever (I'm in a fraternity, and half of the people I was with also caught the flu). I also experienced back pain (stiff back like I had been sitting in a car for a long time) and some hip pain (around the hip flexor/joint). This all eventually went away.

Around May 26th the back/hip pain came back. So on the 28th I took some aleve and the pain went away. I woke up the next morning and my back no longer hurt. Yesterday, I checked my penis and noticed that on the tip opening, where the lips are (i believe it is called the Meatus), one of the lips was slightly larger towards the bottom (if looking at the penis straight on). I also noticed that when I squeezed my penis head, a very very small amount of clear liquid came out from this bump. I have had no pain when urinating.

I am a bit of a STD hypochondriac, and am worried that I may have contracted herpes. Does this sound at all like HSV2? I have had no visible lesions, except MAYBE the meatus thing. However, I have no pain when I urinate and I thought a HSV 2 blister there would hurt when doing so? (also, no tingling or burning sensations)

I have tested negative for Gonorhea, chlamydia, HIV, and syphillis. I am expecting IgG test results for HSV 2 monday/tuesday... but I am very anxious and want to hear what people think. Please let me know what you all think!

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Hello perhapstoonervous,

Indeed you are perhaps-too-nervous.

You describe a low risk encounter for STDs ---which is a one time exposure of vaginal insertive sex with a condom that broke.  Congratulations on using a condom.  Here is the truth about condoms: they work!   And when they break it is very obvious.

If you did take a igG Test for HSV-2, at the 6 or 7 week mark after exposure then you can consider it conclusive.  Many people will tell you to -re-test at the 3 month mark, but if it comes back negative --I personally think you are fine as far as genital herpes. .

Congratulation on testing negative for a handfull of STDs you reported e.g., Gonorhea, chlamydia, HIV, and syphillis..... let's keep it that way.    The reason you tested negative is because you wear condoms.  ;).  

Hopefully everyone is paying attention.

Please come back and post your results.  



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Thank you for the response Jessy. I feel like my mind is making every little thing out to be something it is not (I hope...). HowardH commented on another post of mine. The bump's description (to him) does not appear to be herpetic in nature, and is maybe my periurethral (Skene's) gland.

Anyway, I'll make sure to post my IgG results. Still very nervous to find out though.
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Got my online results... HSV2 negative. My value was <.90

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