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Help!! Think I have trichomoniaiss!!!

I had unprotected sex about a month ago, and after 4 days I started getting itchy... after I decided to take a look with a mirror, I noticed two small bumps near the vagina opening, and redness between the labia majora and minora...I got super desperate and started googling about the possible diseases I could have, and it came down to two possibilities: trichomoniasis or yeast infection!!! I tried anti-fungal medicine but it didn’t really help, and I later started noticing a whitish milk-consistency discharge, which made me think of trichomoniasis, since the discharge for yeast infection is more feta cheese like(ew)...the itching is driving me insane, and I can’t live like this anymore!! After some research I found that garlic is a very powerful against bacteria and fungus, and saw that some people suggested a inserting garlic inside the vagina and leaving it for a couple of hours.. Well, I’ve been doing that for the past 3 days and have noticed some improvement, but not really!! Anyways, the biggest issue here is that I can’t go to a doctor or ask the guy I had sex about it, so please, if you know a natural medicine for trich, or you had these symptoms, PLEASE SHARE!! I need help asap!!! Sorry for the long text
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Hi, short of testing i think you can rule out trich as the discharge would be green not white so really sounds more like a yeast infection. Also any irritation would be inside your vagina not on the outside as you mention the bumps. Yeast infection can cause the out side of your vagina to become Ph imbalanced causing itching from over grown flora. Maybe its time to have a good check up or ask your pharmist for some yeast infection creams.
Thank you so much for the reply!! Do you think it could also be a bacterial vaginitis? Also, let me know if you think garlic can help with it...Thanks!
with any yeast infection you need things that women use to clear it up so maybe talk to your pharmisit about this.  Also BV is the same as a yeast as its when your normal flora grow out of control.
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