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Helpal/natural treatments for STDs

As you can see by my other posts, I'm a worrier (whether legitimately or not) but just incase, or in the event that I do come up wtih an STD, I'm the kind of person who likes to take a natural approach to things.

For example, I know acidopholis is a probiotic and has some ability in combating thrush.

Are there any hebal/natural antibitoics, ay something you can get at a heath food store, that can be an effective treatment. I know that many illnesses are becomeing more and more resistant to typical synthetic drugs and just figured, if ever necessary, I'd like to know about this and where I might be able to learn more.

After all, I wonder what it is they did before antibiotics.
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No, you would need to get the medication from a Dr.
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They died before antibiotics.

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Thanks for the info. I just wonder what happens when all of these things become antibiotic resistant due to our pill happy culture.
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They develop new medication.
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