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Is this syphilis or Herpes?

I have been getting these bumps on my crotch for approximately 2 years now, they appear suddenly as if overnight. They vary on being hard or soft, depending. They have had a HUGE  range in size, some are tiny little things, and others get to be a bit smaller than a dime.

When squeezed, they release white fluid I am assuming to be pus, and some blood. The fluid is yellower if I give it time before popping them. They usually don't hurt when I squeeze them, some of them do (especially when they aren't "ready" to pop)

They don't itch, there are usually 2 or so at a time. (rarely 3-4) and they take a good while to heal, *though I am not sure EXACTLY, I think it to be 2-3 weeks*

I've heard it could be Swollen lymph nodes, Boils, herpes, and now Syphilis, After reading up on syphilis, I have never had the rash that is supposed to go in the second phase.

I have two of these bumps now, on either side of my testicles, (almost symmetrical)
I have popped them, and they are slowly going away.(I squeeze them every day after showering, I usually get a tiny bit of pus and blood out)

Does this sound like Syphilis or Herpes? I would rather ask if this sounds like it before I go to see a doctor. I've heard Syphilis is easily treatable and isn't very common in the US.
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Neither herpes nor syphilis does anything like this. Probably a non-STD skin infection like folliculitis. But you should see a doctor for accurate diagnosis. You are correct about syphilis being easily treated but rare in the US, except in some populations like men who have sex with men.
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Thanks, that makes me feel a LOT better. I can sleep well tonight, I don't go to the doc much, but I'll try to make a trip as soon as my schedule allows
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