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Molluscum Question

About 2-3 months ago, I went to my University medical center and was diagnosed with molluscum. The doctor put some chemicals on the lesions, told me it would resolve on its own, and sent me on my way. Although I don't have many lesions, I keep getting more every now and then. I would like to know how long those of you who had molluscum at one point battled it for.

Whenever I see a new one show up, I am quick to pop it and remove the core to prevent it from spreading anywhere else. Has anyone had success with this method?  I have read that once no lesions are present, the virus is gone...but this doesn't seem to be the case. Whenever I think I have them all removed and none show up for a while, I think I'm cured, but then another one pops up in my pubic region.

I guess what I'm trying to ask is...is it possible for the virus to not be around for very long? I'm afraid of having this for up to a year or longer. Has anyone gotten rid of molluscum within just 2-4 months?
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i looked up moll. on the wikipedia and it said that the virus is in your skin; the bumps can go away, but later more can come - for a while - like a year.  i never heard of this until i was diagnosed.  i went to the county clinic and the woman put Trichloroacetic acid on mine, which worked for those (they got red, then faded after a couple of week).  it did burn a bit, but it was tolerable.  i went again a couple of weeks later, and the guy had a little liquid nitrogen squirt bottle, which i prefer.  unfortunately more seem to show up.  my plan's to go back for a touch-up freezing every week or two until this goes away, or i get my hands on something i can treat at home.  anyone know if i can buy an effective strength of TCA?
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You can try aldara at home, but its prescription, and expensive, so if you don't have insurance, it might be cost-prohibitive.

MCV can linger, unfortunately.  The average time to clear the virus is 2 years.

Check www.ashastd.org for more info.

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