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Hello I had protected sex  but I wanted to know could I get a std if my penis touched vaginal secretions that were on my boxers.
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You can get std such as human papillomavirus (genital warts), genital herpes, and syphilis I think. I am not sure.
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I am sorry. I was wrong. If you have touched the vaginal secretion which was on your boxers, the chances are very very very low to catch an std.
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No. Most STDs die pretty quickly once exposed to air, and HPV, herpes and syphilis require direct skin to skin (mouth to genital, genital to genital or anal to genital) contact to transmit. They don't transmit through clothes.

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So auntiejessi I could not have gotten a std from my penis touching vaginal secretions on my boxers or is there a chance of that happening? This has really been on my mind.
Auntiejessi are you saying that I couldn't have caught a std by my penis touching vaginal secretions on my boxers?
Yes, that is what my "No" meant - you asked if you could get an STD this way, and I said no.

There is also no reason to keep posting your question. Those of us that answer questions do so as volunteers, and do so on our own time. We understand that you are anxious, but questions are not answered in real time.
Thanks for answering me and I just thought the post wasn't gonna get seen being that it was so long ago
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