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Oral sex

Hi about 8 months ago i had received oral sex from someone of unkown status. It was about 1 minute long and she was spiting alot on the ground so barley any saliva was used. She basicaly had her lips on my penis the whole type and barley came in contact with my tip ( if she did it was 1-2 secounds at most) What are my chances of hiv or stds
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any body please give me some feedback i jus wanna no if my risks are higher becuz of no saliva or lower... and to add der was no blood or cuts
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You were at very low risk of anything.  See HHH's board for past posts on this subject - I believe there's been one even this week.

In the future - use barrier protection when receiving oral sex so you don't have to get yourself worried like this.

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if i had ne stds wud i still have penile discharge or severe pain
and does having no saliva touching the tip/head of my penis make it even more low risks becuz no saliva touched the membrane
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You could have had your "membrane" covered in saliva, and it would still be low risk. Yeesh. Go read some of the doctor's posts on oral sex. You. Were. Not. At. Risk. Although your spell checker doesn't seem to be working.

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I'm sorry, and thank you all for spending some time to make me feel better just one last question do symptoms for gonerha like get worse if untreated like more pain and stuff because right i know i feel normal no pain no discharge no sores?
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Get a gonorrhea screen if you are concerned.

Once you do that, step. away. from. the. STD. forum. Really.
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I am sorry I am just concern not really nervous any more since I did read through the other posts and it seems like i have no risks. It's just that i had some questions but from what I've read I don't need testing since it was a very breif exposure and for stds I would of had some type of discharge, pain or sore. I am sorry for making you guys annoyed of me but I will not take it in the wrong way I have noticed these questions have been asked alot and I understand it does give you guys the right to get inpateint

Well any ways thanks for the help and i am very relieved
and now i will leave the site
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I (man) received (only) oral sex from another man... During the oral sex I thought i saw some blood on my penis.. i didn't climax.. I stopped immediately.. I couldn't get anything out of the individual... Could there be a chance that I have an STD (if so what) and how long should i wait to get tested?
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