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Possible to for Gonorrhea to not show up in a test when you havve it?

About two weeks after being the receptive partner in gay anal sex with a person other than my regular partner (yes he knows and is cool with this), I began having pain in the rectum, including feeling a bump inside when I put my finger in.  I thought it was a hemmorhoid (something I never had before) though I did not rule out Gonorrhea.  At this point, receptive anal sex had become extremely painful and after a few aborted attempts, I stopped having it, thinking I had to wait for the hemmorhoid to heal.  After 2 weeks of painful bowel movements, feeling like i had to have a bowel movement when I really didn't, general dry burning feelings in my rectum and around my anus, accompanied by white-green mucus attached to my stool (something that hadn't happened before),  I started noticing a white-green discharge coming from my anus, sometimes when I woke in the morning, I would notice a colorless crust around my anus.  Despite the pain that I thought was a hemmorhoid, I never had ANY blood in my stool or discharge. Lacking medical insurance, it took me a while to get the money to pay for an 80 dollar doctor's visit, he basically treated me for a hemmorhoid, giving me a script of suppositories that didn't really seem to help much, he even mentioned I may need to see a GI doctor.  I mentioned that there was a possiblity that it was Gonorrhea and so he took a swab from my rectum but a few days later the office called to say they used the wrong swabs and I would have to come back in to get tested again.  Not interested in further humilation or bills, I proceeded to go to a free STD health clinic where I was tested for everything including having blood drawn, swabs in my mouth and samples taken from my rectum for Gonorrhea, as I specifcally told them this might be an issue.  My results from the anal samples came back that I did not have Gonorrhea (or anything else for that matter) of course, my luck, that particular day I went, the discharge was light for that day, keeping the doctors from really seeing it.  At no point did anyone ask for a stool sample, despite me mentioning the mucus on my stool.  Around this time the pain began to subside, though the discharge varied by day, eventually clearing up for a while, though the white mucus on my stool remained.  After about a month of abstaining from receptive anal sex, I relented to my partner's desire (and mine) to resume having anal sex.  However, I had increased pain and sensitivty during sex, it just didn't feel the way it used to.  After the first minute the pain would subside but I would often feel like I had to urinate and while being penetrated, I would often ejaculate without any stimulaton to my penis, something else that never happened, making me think my prostate was swollen becuase I never had these sensations before with this partner and was used to the size of his penis.  I had pretty much accepted that I didn't have anything other than a hemmorhoid following the results of the test until when earlier this week my partner started having the tell tale signs of Gonorrhea in his penis including the discharge and pain.  We did the math and there's really no other person he could have gotten it from but me and I keep coming back to the same person that I would have gotten it from, and there's nobody else in between that either of us had contact with and I am very certain of this.  His symptoms began about one month after we resumed having anal sex with me as the receptive partner.  I've noticed a return of the discharge and have been having some pain again, the mucus on my stool remains.  Until this new development, I figured it was something related to my GI issues and I would just have to deal with the discomfort and what-not until i could afford to see a GI doctor.  Is it possible that they could have missed something when they took the sample from my rectum and I could actually have Gonorrhea?  My partner is awaiting his doctor's appointment later this week to find out if his problems are an STD or some other non-STD infection.  I am frustrated as I went to two doctors for this and felt as if I had gotten my results but now i'm second guessing them.  What the heck should I do???
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any idea what testing they did for gonorrhea on you?  usually the free clinics do a decent job with the testing but worth finding out.  it also sounds like enough time had passed also so that shouldn't have been the issue.  

at this point, you and your partner both going back to be seen somewhere is a good idea since your symptoms continue. A thrombosed or even just inflammed hemorrhoid would indeed cause this many issues and the referred pain but not discharge if that was the issue.  Have you been using the otc hemorrhoid suppositories at all during all of this?

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They did a blood test and a urine test.  They took swabs from inside my mouth.  I was tested for HIV, Syphillis, Gonorrhea and Chlamydia.  I forget what sample was tested for what,other than the blood for HIV.  After that they put some kind of what I think was a metal thing in my rectum to test for Anal Gonorrhea.  Not sure if they did the sample right, like the first doctor or if maybe they should have tested for Anal Chlamydia as well.

My first symptoms began about 2 weeks after my assumed exposure.  At this time I ceased having anal sex with my partner.
The anal discharge began a week later, about 1 month after the assumed exposure.

I went to my doctor one week after the anal discharge began.  He prescribed me hemmorhoid suppositories which i used for the next two weeks.  The mucus on my stool and the anal discharge had both begun before the use of the suppositories and continued after I completed my prescription so I can rule out that the suppositories were responsible for the discharge OR the "mucus" on my stool.

I was tested at the free clinic almost exactly 2 months after my assumed exposure.
This was around the same time I resumed sex with my partner, exactly 1 month later is when he began experiencing symptoms.

Thanks for you help!
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it's not likely that this is gonorrhea going on. continue to follow up with testing to try to figure out what is going on.

wasn't thinking the suppositories were the source of your "mucous" was just checking to make sure that you were treating the hemorrhoid part of it all to help reduce your pain. It very well might take more than 2 weeks of treatment too. Usually once you get them, you get them back easily.  
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I went on to a gay free clinic on Wednesday and they knew how to do the tests.  I tested positive for Gonorrhea AND Chlamydia.  They gave me antibotics (that would've been nice to get 2 months ago) and I noticed the pus discharge stopped the next day, the mucus has begun to clear up.  It's likely I did have a hemmorhoid that was agitated by the STDs, but it's likely most of the burning pain had more to do with the STDs than the hemmorhoid.  As far as the inflammed, swollen feelings.. the doctor said my lymph nodes around my crotch felt swollen, though i will not know if sex will fel normal or not until I can resume having it, gotta wait out my 10 days.  My partner came with me and tested positive for Gonorrhea, but not Chlamydia.  In the future I will only go to places that are used to addressing gay men's health and not to my PCP or a general free clinic because they don't know how to deal with gay men's health.
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glad you finally got answers and treatment so you can get back to feeling better soon :)
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What anti biotics did they give u
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From WIkipedia:

Treatment is commonly with ceftriaxone as antibiotic resistance has developed to many previously used medications. This is typically given in combination with either azithromycin or doxycycline, as gonorrhea infections may occur along with chlamydia, an infection which ceftriaxone does not cover. Some strains of gonorrhea have begun showing resistance to this treatment, which will make infection more difficult to treat.

I was given azithromycin and doxycycline.  I got it again a year later and took the shot of Ceftriaxone but it didn't work and had to take the azithromycin and doxycycline again.  

Usually the place you are tested will give you the meds as a precaution if you think you've been exposed and or have symptoms rather than make you wait for the results.  

If the place you go to doesn't do this, GO SOMEWHERE ELSE.  I ended up contracting HIV from my partner that first time because when you have an STD like Gonorrhea, it makes you more susceptible to getting other things.  The place that did the test wrong ALSO failed to give me any medication and of course because I was stupid and trusted someone and had unprotected sex with them.  Be smart.  
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