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Protected Oral STD concerns

I visited a erotic massage and received a table shower and massage.  After the massage she asked to give me oral I accepted but asked for a condom.  She did lick my testicles and sucked on them for about 30 to 45 seconds. She also licked the base of my shaft before putting the condom on. Am I at risk for Herpes, syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia or any other types of STD/STI. The entire experience was less than 2 mins.  I am completely disgusted with myself and suffer from anxiety.  This was more first and last experience with this as I have been non stop worrying.  It has only been 24 hours so I know no symptoms will show.  Just very concerned didn't notice any sores on her but rushed out quickly.
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I am having deja vu as I think this was just asked already today. You wore a condom for oral sex, so most of your concern is unfounded.  The main risk is just if she had oral herpes simplex 1 and her mouth on your genitals and testicles had shedding virus.  Yes, you'd likely see sores if that is the case on her mouth but not always.  You don't need to test unless YOU develop a sore.  My guess is you won't.
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Why do you think I won't develop a sore?  Just trying to get a baseline of risk percentage.
I am very concerned about herpes even though it was very brief licking and only a few seconds of my testicle in her mouth.  I appreciate your reply.
I did answer the question and understand you are anxious.  I said IF you develop a sore, then get tested. If you do not develop a sore, you don't need to be tested. Kissing your genitals poses very minimal risk but if you develop symptoms, get tested.
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