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I let my bf of 2 months rub his penis in between my breast. Can I get syphilis if my breast had broken skin? Cos i do get pimples on my breast area and sometimes this pimple pop and some of this pimples are rather large = is it considered broken skin?
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is this the same virgin bf you posted about last month?
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yes. his kinda getting fed up of my constant questioning. :(( but i must add initially after our mutual masturbation encounter he was very forthcoming and constantly reassured me. i just wanna be able to trust someone for once. Thank You Grace.
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why do you think your virgin bf had a std????

if you doubt that he's a virgin, request that you both go for full std screening and share your results with each other so you can get all doubt about his std status out of your mind.
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maybe because im paranoid.
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This is a little sad, this is your boyfriend!  --you should trust him.   Usally men won't like about things like virginity, unless they are totally disrespecful, and you know him better than us.   What people do lie about is about the number of partners they've been with.  

You should not worry about syphilis from your encounter.  
I agree with grace, both of you should go get a full pannel of STD testing.  
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Hey Jessy,

Agreed its a little sad. My bf i got to know him through a close friend of mine. My bf hasn't been well. He just recovered from cancer last year and he had to leave his job for a less strenuous one due to him being in remission. I'm really feel bad about my paranoia. He doesn't wanna get tested because he knows his STD-free and he has been going for medical tests ever since his been diagnosed with having cancer and I think his tired of tests, hospitals, medication etc..he just wants to get over with his recovery. Anyways he asked me for a breakup and I said yes because I think I'm not conducive to be around with. He just deserves someone better. Thanks for the advice guys. I'll just trust him but forget him soon because our communication broke down already but yeah I need to get on with life. He was a good guy but just didnt work out. He wants to move on and I need to let him move on even if I can't. I just signed up for therapy. Hopefully I'll end the year on a good note. :) Thank You again Grace and Jessy. :)
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