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Risk of STD from one night stand

Very worried met a older women at a cigar bar almost seemed to easy we had unprotected sexy and oral. The next day I had pelvic pain day 3 I saw a spot of discharge in my underwear. Did I get an std or hiv
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You should get tested, discharge could be a symptom of a std, but it’s usually present with urination and discomfort. You had an exposure with someone your not sure of their std status.
No burning when I pee or discomfort that I didn't have before. I have been feeling a little discomfort in my legs tingling burning feeling which could just be anxiety but other than that just the white spot in my underwear
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NO STDs give symptoms in just one day. Some of them never give them at all. But you had unprotected sex so you should test as follows :

-3 weeks after the exposure, for chlamydia, gonorrhea.
-6 weeks after the exposure for syphilis.
-3 months after the exposure for herpes.

Regarding HIV, if you go for a duo/combo ag/ab test, it will be accurate 28 days after the exposure. If you go for a normal antibodies test, it will be accurate 3 months after the exposure.
I feel like I taste blood in my mouth does that have anything to do wit hiv? Or an std?
No, it doesn't. No STD would give that symptom.
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