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Risky Exposures with a commercial sex worker. Please help.

Hello Medhelp Community,
I have indulged in protected sexual encounters with a csw. My exposures have all been protected vaginal sex, kissing (involving saliva) and mutual masturbation over the last few weeks with the same partner.

I have had sex about five to six times in the last few weeks, the latest exposure being last night. The one before that was 2 days back. The earlier ones were 8 and 9 days back. The ones before that were 2 and 3 weeks back.

Last night, during the exposure when I was masturbating midway after insertion, I felt some sticky fluid on my hand. I wiped it off and continued masturbation and went on the have sex and then ejaculate in the condom.

Also before that, during the one about 8 days back, I felt some wet vaginal secretions like water on the condom after having ejaculated and done with the encounter when I was about to remove the condom. I asked her and she said that she had ejaculated during sex. I took the condom off with a paper towel and wiped my hands.

So in a way, I had masturbated with secretions on my hand within the exposures. I was protected at all times but some part at the base of the condom was slipping. I remember adjusting it back down. Also, during all the encounters she was holding the condom at the bottom so that it won't slip or slide off.

About her status, I asked her and she said that she was clean. She said that she gets tested but I don't know when the last one was. However, I can't rely on that information at the moment. I did not notice any sores on her vagina or the genital area during all these encounters. Nothing appeared unusual in the genitals. Just bare skin  as she had shaved her hair.

I am a 27 y/o male uncircumcised. I do have pubic hair in the genitals. I don't remember having any sores in the mouth or genitals or having any unusual discharge from the penis recently or anytime before in my life. I have not tested for any STDs yet.

I'm feeling guilty and panic at the moment. Have indulged in risk behaviour. I won't do this in the future and be responsible about things. But what are my chances of being safe from these encounters. I do not have any symptoms yet that may point towards an STD ( from what I've read so far). I do have a sore throat and dry cough from the last 3 days. When and how do the symptoms start for STI? I have been reading many posts on medhelp and trying to understand. But I'm very worried now.

What are my chances of being safe from here considering protected sex, french kissing and masturbation with possible secretions on the hand. Will I be safe from this? Please Help.

Thank You for your help Medhelp commmunity.

Thank You.
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Condoms do a good job of protecting against bacterial infections, and viral. There is a low risk for HSV, HPV, and syphillis as infection can occur outside of were the condom protects.
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