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STD risk


I was wondering my risk for exposure to STD's with a sexual encounter that I had.  I am a gay man and my encounter included the following:

1) Kissing (both of us naked) with body contact
2) My partner fingered me
3) My partner rimmed me and licked my scrotum (but he did not perform a blow job)
4) My partner for a brief second placed the head of his penis on my anus but did not penetrate.

Anal sex and oral sex did NOT take place.  But I am still wondering my risk for any STD's including Herpes and any other STD's that could be transmitted from skin-to-skin as well as risks from receiving the rim job.  Would it be recommended to get tested following this encounter if I have no symptoms?  Am I still at risk since some STD's are asymptomatic?  Please advise!
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