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STD transmission and symptoms


I have few specific questions.

1. Is it possible to catch any of STDs through blood to blood contact (needle sharing or wounds contact), as it is possible to have hepatitis or HIV transmission?
2. Does all of these STDs (Chlamydia, Syphilis, gonorrhea), always have any symptoms?
3. How possible is to get (Chlamydia, Syphilis, gonorrhea) through unprotected oral sex?
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1. sharing needles can contract HIV and hep. Not syphilis, gono, chlam or herpes.
2.  Theres always a syphilis chancre that develops and with gono and chlamydia, men almost always have symptoms like a white puss discharge, burning while urinating or urethra itching.
2. With oral sex of the ones mentioned gono would be possible but all are really low risk.
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I have found that:
"Syphilis can occasionally be spread by blood contamination, via needle-stick injury or sharing injecting equipment"
"Not everyone infected with syphilis will have symptoms.".

I am more concerned about transmission through broken skin, in your opinion is it not possible correct?

3. I am man. Should also Chlamydia and gono have symptoms in case of throat infection?
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