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STDs from a prostitute

I met a prostitute. She was not a professional one but one private. She was of age 23-27. I had unprotected oral sex with her two times. Vaginal sex was protected with condom. Can some one please let me know what are my risks of contracting STDs. The incident happened 15 days back. Also I licked her vagina at two times and i could feel some of her vaginal fluids on my toungue.
Its been 18 days now. I had some pimples coming and go on my face and side of chest.
Some sorr throat after day 2.
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Hi very low risk activity and with no white puss penis discharge burning while urinating or penis sores appearing about a week or two later would indicate all is ok
But i have sore throat from last two weeks and a mouth ulcer which just came today. Although I always get ulcerns in my mouth since childhood.
Some pimples coming on my back and go away in 3-4 days. Are these all anxiety and stress related?
If she gave you oral sex it would not be an issue with your mouth but with her mouth
Actually I also ki krd her
I meant licked her
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Actually I also did
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Please reply
Licking the vaginal (oral sex) exposes you to syphilis, gonorrhea and herpes, but the general risk is low.
I have a small ulcer on my lip  inside.
Can this be Sylipsis?
You can have it tested.. but Syphilis is curable unlike hSV or hpv though so its not a big big problem
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Can someone pleaee reply?
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I visited the GP again today and he said no testes are required as I have no symptoms.
Is he right?
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Anyone please reply!
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I would find a doc that will give u an std test.  I thought they always did when u requeated one.  
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Hi All

I had test for all STD on Feb 13 and it came back negative?
Do I need to retest as you were saying its a low risk activity
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