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Saliva as lubricant

What is my risk using saliva as lubrications .

Anal protected sex but use the saliva as lubricant .

And fingering my anal using saliva.

What are my risk?
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There's no risk from using saliva as a lube. HIV isn't found in saliva, nor are any STDs.

Are you in a place where it's hard to find lubes? If you are, here's some info on how to make your own, and other things you can use - http://teenhealthsource.com/blog/do-it-yourself-diy-lube/

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So no need to get tested?
Nope. If you are sexually active regularly, you should get tested on a regular basis - every 6 months or yearly, depending on how active you are and how many different partners you have, just to make sure, but there's no reason to test from this encounter.
Thank you. ❤️
Anytime :)
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