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Scared to death

Im a 24 year old male and On December 11 2012 I was involved in a mutual masturbation with a female of unknown status where I fingered her and she gave me a hand job, I never had sex with her not even a kiss. I'm scared that I've might of caught something from this experience. I had a small very small one day old cut on my finger when I fingered her by the way it wasn't bleeding at all. Anyway 3 days later I had a burning sensation when I pee, it suprise me because I didn't have sex with her so I'm like what could it be. I thought uti, but being male that's  rare. I dranks lots of water and cranberry juice to try to get rid of it. I had all the symptoms of a uti it was burning while Peeing, pressure in pelvic area and had to pee often. I didn't go away. I was scared. I started looking up symptoms on the Internet. Me having health anxiety and looking on google didnt help, I started to panic thinking the worst, what if Its an STD or one that I can't get rid of. I was in tears and still am up to now. My anxiety is high everyday because of this incident. A month after the incident I went to get tested for clymadia and gonnirhea and it was negative. I even talk to the nurse and ask of the risk and they said it was a no risk incident, but the random pinch of the penis was still their and feeling of something stuck in my peehole. The burning while peeing went away but the other discomforting symptoms was still present. I'll feel sometimes when I sit down pressure pain in my perrenial area and pain in my thighs sometimes and *** to I thought herpes then maybe prostatsis. I'm going crazy. Every symptom I read I get. Then I thought of the worst what if its HIV, I lost it and went crazy crying,praying. It was crazy. I went back In time and realized 10 after the I incident I had a soar throat that went away after a week. As I kept read the symptoms of HIV I would get them. I'm going crazy because I never had sex with her how could it be. I only have had two sexual partners in my entire life. One I had been with for 6 years strong and the other for a month. I always use protection. This incident since it was mutual masturbation I thought nothing of it. Please help. What could this being. Is it anxiety and I'm making myself sick. I also tend over think everything
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Hi and sorry your feeling so anxious. You did not get a Std because you did not have sex. I believe your touching yourself into a frenzy and irritated your urertha. Just relax and get control of yourself. You mentioned you over think everything and your doing it here,
Your just fine so go out and enjoy being 24 years old. When your my age everything does fall apart so enjoy your age where your strong and healthy. I was diagnosed with cancer a few years back and boy ill tell you what that can do to ones imagination.
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Thank u so much for your response. It's just so crazy what your mind can do to u. The symptoms feel so real but only occur after after constant research about them. I'm also sorry to here about the diagnosis of cancer.
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