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Should I be concerned about an STD?

About a month ago my boyfriend and I had been trying many different condom brands to find one that worked well for both of us. There was one point in that time frame that we had unprotected sex (something I am of fond of, but it happened.)

A few days after the unprotected sex, and trying out different condoms, we noticed a strong fishy odor coming from me during sex. I had fishy discharge after this as well. I pretty much knew right away that it was Bacterial Vaginosis and treated it immediately. We stopped having sex. It went away after a week of treatment and there has not been any odor during or after sex. I have not had any abnormal odor with discharge, there isn’t redness, itching or swelling present. However, I do have white/clear discharge every couple of days but there is no foul odor accompanied with it. I have also always had a musty type of smell down there, but since treating the BV it’s decreased significantly.

Since this whole incident with the BV, we resumed normal sexual activity and one day I was going to give oral to my boyfriend and I noticed a fishy odor coming from his penis. I obviously didn’t want to continue, and didn’t want to upset him so I came up with an excuse about not feeling well and stopped all sexual activity that day. I googled and found out that men cannot contract BV. I figured that maybe he was just having an off day, and hygiene wasn’t up to par? After that, I never smelled the fish odor from him again. He has always smelled clean and had no odor.

We thought we found a brand of condoms we liked but every time we had sex it would slip off and end up being left inside me. They have just become such a turn off and nuisance in our relationship so we stopped using them the last 2 times we have had sex. The two times we had unprotected sex recently there was no odor. The first time was on the last day of my period (very light flow, pretty much gone) and the second time I was completely off of it.

Well, tonight I tried to give oral again and noticed the fishy smell from his penis again. This is occurring 3 days after the last time we had unprotected sex. I addressed the issue with him tonight because I don’t feel it’s smart to ignore it. What could this be? Should we be concerned of STDS? He says there are no symptoms of anything going on with him and he had no idea that the odor was present. I don’t feel like I have any symptoms of anything - I do have discharge every now and then like I stated above, there is a faint musty smell sometimes but nothing crazy.. and have not had any itching swelling or redness etc.
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You can be asymptomatic and still have an STI. I would urge both of you to get tested. A fishy odor for a male or female is a cause for concern. I wish you both the best.
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