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Skin STD's risk from Dry mouth closed kiss on lips

I have a question regarding brief encounter I had, Kindly throw some light into this..

I lip kissed a prostitute in a Bar for like 2-3sec, which is dry lip kiss, no saliva or tongue touching involved. Basically its closed mouth kissing for 2-3sec(max)

No other sexual acts involved expect kissing her neck and ear.

I did not see any visible sore/lesion on her lips.. I have HSV1(cold sores) from childhood. I rarely get outbreaks as far I remember I got outbreaks only twice. I did not had outbreak while kissing.

My question here is with respect to risk of skin transmission std's from above activity.
1) Is there any risk for Syphilis, HSV-2, Mono, Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, NSU, Trich, etc? I am afraid my lips was dry due to cold winter season and had some breaks. I did not apply vaseline.
2) Should I need test for it?

This is my only sexual encounter until date. Mistakenly I kissed her when I lost my mind. I am going to get married in a less than a month, please advise on these risks as I am very afraid.

HBV and HAV, I am immune to it because of injections. HCV not worried as it requires blood.  

Thanks & Regards
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my opinion won't change about std's from kissing no matter what other info you add. it's not a risk for std's from kissing.  don't confuse your guilt over kissing another with a risk.  mono is not a std.

if you and your partner both have hsv1 orally then no there aren't any risks to each other. err on the side of caution and don't perform oral sex on your partner when you have a cold sore though.
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you were at no risk for any std's. you don't need any testing.

since you are about to get married, does your partner also have hsv1 orally?

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Thanks a ton Grace for responding to my question.

Since you have asked about cold sores, yes we both have. Will there be any possibility if different strains affecting us?

My worry is regarding mainly Syphilis, HSV-2 and Mono.May be Gonorrhea, Chlamydia and NSU require saliva or fluids. Am I definitely not at risk?

Only comforting for me I did not see any sore/lesion on her lips but afraid of asymptomatic shedding.

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Adding to my above words,

I did shave beard and mustache one day before the kiss and my lips are broken due to cold winter season, does this add to risk or change your opinion?

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Thanks for your fantastic time and comments.. Lovely service you are doing.. I wish to know more information and support people..

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