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Testing window

Hi there --

I've been seeing varying answers regarding how soon after an incident someone can get themselves tested for herpes and see valid results. I've heard 12-16 weeks, I've heard a month -- I've heard a variety of things, really.

Also, when I went to get myself tested for other STDs, for some reason the clinic said they wouldn't test for herpes in the absence of any lesions (I haven't had any). Any ideas on where I could go? A normal blood-testing place? I just thought it was odd that they refused to test me.

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90 days is a pretty good time to wait to be tested for everything.  Go to a regular dr. for the herpes test.  There is a blood test for herpes and you don't need to be having an outbreak to get that test.
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90 days is the most conservative timeline to test for everything.  Most people can test at 6 weeks and be satisfied with their results.   If you are sexually active then it is recommended to test either once or twice a year.  If you use condoms for both vaginal and anal sex, your hiv status will always be negative.  

I know Doctor HHH on couple post doesn't recommend testing for herpes unless you have symptoms.  

Bacteria type infections like C/G/NGU can be tested much sooner with a urine sample or swab.

Condoms will greatly reduce your risk for all related stds and hiv...

Take Care..
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3-4 months after the encounter is time enough to go get a type specific herpes igg blood test.  HHH and I disagree when it comes to routine herpes testing - I think it's the best course of action, he doesn't.  From my own personal experience I think it just has to be better to find out you have it from a blood test then it does to wait until you've transmitted it to a partner.  I know the later way completely sucks :(     They recommend yearly HIV testing for EVERYONE no matter that only 1% of the population in the US has it and the vast majority of folks are in too low of risk categories to even make it worth the time and money but they don't recommend HSV testing for everyone routinely even though over 60% of the adult population has hsv1 orally which can be transmitted to a partner and is also the cause of 30% of all new genital herpes infections and 25% of the population has hsv2.  Yes hsv is for the most part a nuisance virus but since genital herpes increases your risk for contracting hiv and it also can be a risk during labor and delivery to a newborn ( and hsv1 is more of an issue with babies than hsv2 anyday but if you don't know you have it you'll still kiss babies on the mouth I'm sure  ) I 'm not sure why we recommend routine testing for one and not the other.  

Ok I'm getting down off my soapbox now...

Call around and ask who offers the herpes select igg blood test.  If your regular clinic just thinks they don't offer it - ask them what lab they use and we can look up the exact test number for you.  Also www.tstd.org and www.healthcheckusa.com both allow you to order it up yourself and get it drawn thru their testing stations if you have a participating lab near you.  Some planned parenthoods offer the blood test but not all.

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Thanks for all of your replies -- they're much appreciated. I'll try to find a place that'll test me.

I'm extremely confused about everything I'm seeing and reading online, though, as to the symptoms of herpes. Sure, I understand that only a qualified healthcare professional would be able to make a positive diagnosis, but I worry about the chance of being misdiagnosed as having pimples or whatever.

I'm particularly confused about the appearance of blisters, I guess. It sounds I would likely recognize a blister if I saw one, and what I'm seeing aren't blisters -- there's one mark that either looks like a healing herpes lesion or an abrasion of some kind, and there are a couple of other red marks -- but they're not raised, and I can't feel them at all. Skin is completely flat. And there's no pain whatsoever. At first glance, they appear to be pimples, but if I stretch my skin out, the pimples vanish and everything just looks a little red.

People're saying that I would have "overt" sores, or really obvious symptoms, if I was having a primary outbreak and if I were symptomatic. Are these marks (or whatever they are) consistent with herpes?

Sorry to be a pest, but I'm sure I'm not the first...

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If you are waiting for the same kind of blister you would get on say your arm if you burnt it on the oven rack - you might be waiting a long time. They usually do not appear that obvious in the genital area - depending on where  they are at.  Follow up with your doctor and when either enough time has passed or you get new symptoms to culture - get tested for herpes for the peace of mind if nothing else.  The symptoms you've described could be many, many, many things.  No pain with any of your symptoms probably means it's not herpes but the peace of mind from testing can be invaluable.

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