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What could this be?

Okay, please dont judge me. I already hate myself. Three days ago I recieved very brief unprotected oral from a prostitute. I dont recall really seeing anything on her lips. I never achieved a full erection and it only lasted maybe a minute or 2. I stopped went home and tried to masturbate. I couldn't get a full erection but still continued to masturbate for a long time. So much to the point of causing an irritating pain around the base of my penis from friction in the hair and just excessive force. The next day I woke up to soreness on my penis and what looked like an irritated fordyce spot. I say irritated because it looked like others that I have but redder, and painful/tender. I never really stopped messing with it, so it stayed sore. Today I tried to pop it, and it didnt really pop. I kept messing with it and now it's an open sore and if I squeeze it clear fluid comes out. But I'm not sure if it's because it's a healing wound or if its oozing infectious fluid. My question is could this be herpes? It appeared more or less around 24 hours after possible exposure, it never itched, it didnt really pop, more like I scratched layers off? I'm so scared and worried I ruined my life. I cant focus, I'm scared.
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We don't judge here, and you shouldn't hate yourself.

First, fordyce spots don't pop, so stop trying to make it pop. If it were herpes, it would pop. Fordyce spots are oil glands, and they are normal and we all have them. We need them.

Second, herpes symptoms wouldn't appear until at least 2 days, probably longer. Anything you see prior to that won't be herpes.

This sounds like a sore you gave yourself by messing with it.

It's also definitely not syphilis - that sore wouldn't appear for at least 3 weeks.

Listen, you got a blow job, sort of, from a prostitute. This forum is full of people who've done the same thing. Your life isn't ruined. Even if you got herpes your life wouldn't be ruined, I promise, but this isn't herpes.

Leave it alone, except to wash it with a gentle soap and water. Keep it dry. Don't squeeze it, don't touch it. Your hands have bacteria on them that could cause an infection.

It also sounds like anxiety is an issue for you. If it is, consider counseling and talking to your doctor about it. Your reaction to this is out of proportion to the risk involved. I say that with compassion. You deserve to have peace.

Thank you for your time and care in the matter!
You're welcome. :)
One more anxiety driven question and then I'll leave all of you good nice people alone. As of today the skin issue I may or may not have created myself is almost completely healed. I know I was negative for both hsv 1 and 2 before this exposure. So is it safe to assume that a primary outbreak wouldn't resolve so quickly? And that there would be much more noticeable symptoms from a primary outbreak? I keep telling myself that this isn't herpes. And I'm looking for any reason to stop worrying.
Yes, you can assume that a primary wouldn't heal this quickly. My own lasted at least 2 weeks and the blisters just kept coming.

Really, you can relax now.

Thank you so much Ms. Jessi!! Truly a god send. I hope your day is going just as great as you just made mine!
You're welcome :)
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Genital focused anxiety has alot to answer for!  

Your first issue... You got received oral sex. yay! Sorry you didn't enjoy it. Are there risks? Yeah sure but a very small percentage will get an STI this way due to many biological factors. The longer the oral lasts the more risk you have. Thats common sense. From this encounter I would not worry.

From another point of view, sex workers jobs are just that.... sex! If word gets about that they have anything then it would not be good for business.

Fordyce spots are VERY common and should not be popped. Due to the genital focused anxiety, you will be checking it more and making a mental note of EVERY feeling which is a normal feeling and worrying about it. Try to relax!
I really appreciate you responding
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Does herpes hurt the whole time it heals? The open sore I might have created doesn't hurt and it's trying to scab. It had a scab last night but I woke up today and it's like half gone. Could a sleeping erection pull the scab off?  As far as i know this hasn't nessicarily oozed. I havent had any tingling, itching, and the pain is all gone after a bit of not really messing with it. I put a little hand sanitizer on it to disinfect and dry it out and it wasnt really painful. Is that a good sign that this isn't a herpes infection?
No, sleeping and getting erect won't do anything to the scab.  Above, they really ruled out herpes.  I know you are worried about this, but it doesn't sound at all to be herpes. I hope you can relax and if anxiety plagues you, that you work on that.  It's treatable.  
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I'm approaching the 6 week mark soon, and I plan on getting tested for everything because my anxiety will continue to plague me if I dont. How reliable will the hsv 1 and 2 [herpeselect Igg] be at 6 weeks? 12 is conclusive but dont the vast majority of people have antibodies by 6 weeks? I'm sorry to bother you nice people again, I'm just so sick of the constant anxiety this has caused. And I want to feel relief.
You don't need an hsv2 test, and I would strongly advise against it.

Getting oral sex puts you at risk for genital herpes type 1, not 2. If you've ever had a cold sore, you already have hsv1, and can't get it genitally. Even if you haven't had a cold sore, or don't remember it, 90% of people who have oral hsv1 never get symptoms, and about half the adult population has it.

There are a decent number of false positives on hsv2 IgGs, and I don't think your anxiety can handle that right now. You also don't need it. You had no risk for it. If you get a false positive, it takes weeks (or months), a ton of money, and untold stress to unravel that.

You sort of had oral sex, for a very brief period of time. None of your symptoms matched herpes. I would ask you to seriously reconsider getting this test done. Instead, take that time and money and get some help for your anxiety, which is affecting you more than herpes ever would.

No judgement, just compassion, but really, help yourself out here. If you want relief, treat the anxiety. You had very, very little risk, and your reaction to that is out of proportion.

Once again Ms. Jessi I am eternally grateful for your continued support and knowledge. I agree with much of what you said, so I will follow suit. It's always hard when your brain won't take a rational approach to stressful situations. Have a wonderful day!, truly you deserve it!
Thanks - you deserve it, too. :)
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Hi, not trying to bother you awesome people just wanted to post an update. I've been working with a councilor who is helping me with my anxiety. We came to the point where I have acknowledged my low risk and have moved on from stds of no concern. We decided that I should have a 6 week test and a 12 week test for hsv1 only since its causing me the most panic. My 6 week result was negative. I know that by 6 weeks it's about 70% accurate. But adding the low risk nature of the exposure, with my atypical symptoms that you all believe isn't herpetic. I'm feeling lighter and I feel like I can make it to the 12 week test with confidence.
I'm glad to hear it.

I'd like to add that if you don't have any blisters by now, chances are really good that you didn't get hsv1. If by 12 weeks you don't, you probably don't need the 12 week test. Up to you if you'll take it, obviously, but if at 12 weeks, you have financial concerns or anything, and you don't have symptoms, you don't need the test. (Of course, I'd have told you from the start that testing wasn't warranted from such a brief exposure, but I'm not the one with anxiety, which I understand.)

I'm very happy to hear that you are getting counseling. Good for you. :)

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