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What does abnormal pap smear results mean?

after getting my annual with my gyno this January. I got told I have abnormal results and tested positive for high-risk HPV.
Due to the pandemic, I have not been able to do my follow up as he recommended coloscopy.

what do abnormal cells on the cervix really mean for a 20-year-old to be with HPV?

AuntieJessie, I need more clarity on this as I am terribly worried now.
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It means you have abnormal cells that could lead to cancer, and these changes are due to HPV.

Do you have your pap report? I don't remember exactly what it said, or if you told me exactly what it said.

Are there any plans to get the colpo done? That needs to happen. For anyone, regardless of age, it needs to be done in a prompt manner. How prompt depends on the level of abnormal cells found.

Don't worry - just get info and make the appointment for as soon as you can.

I do not have the report. All I got told on the phone that it is the e6 e7 and of high-risk cancer and that abnormal cells are found.

I am now going to see the other doctor that works with my gyno. He is now taking my gyno's patients. I booked an appointment for next Wednesday.

So what happens after seeing the cancerous cells on my cervix? oh my god, that sounds horrific.
PRE-cancerous, not cancerous. You don't have cancer. You have cells that could turn to cancer over time. The purpose of all this is to make sure they don't.

You'll get the colposcopy and probably a biopsy. The colpo is uncomfortable, but fine - it's like a big scope that looks at your cervix. The biopsy will feel like pinches to your cervix, and you'll feel some cramping. It's not horrible, but not fun, either. It's not the worst pain you'll ever feel.


Then they'll send it off for testing, and then they'll know what is going on, and will make treatment decisions based on that, and there are several options for that. We can address those when it happens.

I'm super proud of you for doing this. I know it's not easy for you.

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