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Worried about sexual encounter

I had sex with a woman yesterday, I don't really know her well I just met her at my friends apartment complex.  I had sex with her last night.  I was drunk and the condom kept feeling loose, but it never came off during intercourse.  She also gave me oral sex (no condom), before and after intercourse.  I also fingered her and may have touched my penis after.  I asked her and she said she didn't have any stds.  This was my first sexual experience, I am very worried about what happened.  Please tell me am I at risk for getting an std? Should I get tested? If so, how long should I wait to get tested?
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See no reason for testing, you had a low risk encounter. Basicaly forget about STD's.
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Thank you very much for your answer.
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Also, This morning I noticed i had a small cut on the foreskin of my penis.  I had got it caught in my zipper 2 days ago.  It wasn't completely healed.  I rubbed some after shave on the cut this morning to see if it would sting and it did a little. So i think the cut was open a little.  Would this change your answer at all?
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No it would not
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