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how early does pain in the leg occur in stds

how early does pain in the leg occur in stds? how to have first aid cure? what kind of pain in the leg does an std patient feel?
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read my post on Mycoplasma genitalium.  it was one of my fist symptoms.  What other symptoms do you have?  lower back pain? fatigue? anxiety? flu-like symptoms?
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Pain in leg is NOT a symptom of any STD!!

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  mycoplasma Genitalium is a STD.    

here it is from the CDC causing NGU symptoms.  pain in the calf, muscles, then joint pain is involved.  the mycoplasma then infects other cells throughout the body causing chronic illness.   Mycoplasmas are KNOWN to cause muscle and joint pain  ergo:; yes, muscle pain is associated with Mycoplasmas.  BTW, Syphillis causes muscle pain as well.

you can find info at CDC . gov and search for mycoplasma Genitalium.

  Jesse, you are being argumentative.  I am offering opinions backed up by science.
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