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noticed tiny scab on penis base,is this std?,syphilis?herpes?

hello all,
i noticed tiny healed scab on penis base,i did not feel anything unusual before in this area...
those days before i noticed that healed spot i masturbated ,2,3 times per day..
I'm in a monogamous relationship for a long time and that girl is std free..
my big concern is:
10 days ago i was in contact with very very high risk girl,she maybe a prostitue or drug user,
We did not have any sexual contact,but I was touched her breasts several times over a shirt, and the skin above her breasts, with my left hand (i have peeling skin on finger,no bleeding )and she says to me , is lactating but  for some reason no milk..i touched her with left hand only ,and with my right hand i masturbated myself only..When I heard this I stopped immediately and went on..

i know maybe im overreacting but anxiety kills me..so my question is:
am i in risk for syphilis ,or herpes,or maybe hiv from this incident?
my hands were dirty at this moment,and i masturbated with dirty hand,but that hand not touched her...
can i have safe sax with my regular partner,im afraid to infect my gf...
can syphilis chancre,appears in 10 days and heal on itw own overnight or two,like common cut ?
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Anybody? What kind of test i can do,for this?
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I was at doctor yesterday
She says to me that she can't see anything at this moment cause scab healed,
She also not recomended any test ,and wait to see if i develop new cut or sore..
She thinks is very unlikely that i contracted syphilis or herpes from this type of exposure..
Anyway,if no answers for my problem i will post here whats going on in future,maybe someone else find this text usefull to relive anxiety..
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