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please help

Dear friend

My last sex was i gave a man one second unprotected oral sex and protected oral sex, no anal sex at all, and i did not use my penis during the sex. the man i had sex did not touch my penis as well. the sex was on 12th Feb. I checked hiv, syphilis, hep A B C, chlamydia, gonorrhoea 4 months after the sex, all came back negative.

However, yesterday i found a pimple (like a whelk)on the bottom of my prepuce, located in the joint between penis and scrotum. it is approximated 0.2 cm in diameter. I dig it broken, it was bleeding a little bit, and now it was scab.

Is this possible a hard chancre, a symptom of syphilis? I am worried about that. or is it possible that the nurse was using used needle when drawing my blood that i caught any STDs? I took my final STDs  screening on 11th June, the pimple showed on yesterday.

Please help me everyone, is that syphilis or just a normal folliculitis on prepuce? I ate a lot of spicy food recently.

Many thanks
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I added a picture in my own profile, could you help me check what is it? Thank you very very much
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anyone can help?
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Your penis would have nothing to do with a STD if you gave someone oral sex. Since it was protected you had no risk. See a Dr, we don't look at pictures.
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thank you very much! i checked all the stds four months after the sex in st helen hospital in the uk, all came back negative. is it possible to have stds symptoms after the sex screening? the four month test is enough for all the stds window periods? if i do not use my penis during the sex. it is unlikely to have symptons on the penis, right?
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4 months covers everything and again your penis has nothing to do with you giving oral sex.
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thank you very much! really!

so it is not possible to get infection during nurse draw my blood.in clinic, right? i can ignore the pimple, right?
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