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red rash on penis head

In the past 6 or so months, every so often I have a red rash appear on the head of my penis.  I have made a link that the rash only really occurs when there is semen present under the foreskin of my uncircumsized penis (eg. from post-cum after masturbation).  I practise good hygiene so it's not like i leave this festering for hours and hours, the rash can appear as little as a couple of hours after the semen being present within the foreskin.  The rash has varies in intensity and has heightened sensitivity to the unaffected areas, and also contains small raised red bumps. It usually goes within 3-4 days.

Not sure if this is linked but I have previously been diagnosed with and treated for chlamydia (over 6 months ago), and have been cleared of STDs using urine and blood samples very recently.  Unrelated to when the rash is present, I have almost a permanent tingling sensation in my urethra, and every now and then, slight pain in the testicles.

Any thoughts on this would be much appreciated.
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Hi, a rash is a breaking out (eruption) of the skin. Is this what your rash is?
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breaking out and eruption suggests to me open sores (eruption -> volcano -> open) .. these aren't open. I can't really describe it any better than a red, blotchy, sensitive area about the size of a ten cent piece.. obviously not round like a ten cent piece.. and among the red area are really small, little raised bumps no bigger than the tip of a fineline pen.
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any ideas?
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Maybe a rubbing irritation or fungal but no std appears as a red rash.
i'm quite comfortable with the fact that i'm std free now, but taking into account the burning at the opening of my urethra as well as the aforementioned rash, is there any testing of course of action that you suggest might get to the bottom of my problem?

when they tested my urine sample for std's were they looking specifically for the std's and not any other issue?  or if there was a non-std related issue, which may be the case here, would that have shown up.  basically i'm asking should i get another non-std urinalysis to see if there's any issues causing the rash and the urethral burning?
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