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tender swollen lumps on right side of groin, arch of foot

I fell on my butt out of my truck in February. Started running, did 2 5Ks in 2 weeks time. After that I have had terrible pain on my left hip (bursitis?) Now my lymph nodes are swollen and its achey all the time. Also have a small lump on the bottom of my left foot. Is that from lymph nodes draining? I have had STD testing and my paps have came back normal. What type of infection could it be? I do notice some more discharge than normal..usually the 2 weeks before my period. No smell or wierd color....I am making a GYNO appt. I dont have a "regular" doc. I am under the impreession that it has to be an infection in my genitals somewhere? Any thoughts?
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519156 tn?1265185387
Sorry, I meant that they're on my left side....
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no one ever told you that exercise isn't good for you? he he he

the best thing to do is to be seen and get these looked at. No need for a gyn at this point, start with a general practitioner and go from there.  

could this be a std? odds are it is not. if your discharge continues or gets worse, then getting tested for yeast and bacterial infections vaginally is a good idea.

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