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white edge circles on body and thigh area but not itching

I had a sex With a girl in December 2012. Two weeks after sex i had itching on my groin area and red rash on left thigh . I used hydrocortisone it disappeared and after few days it reappear again, on December 15 2013, tested for Herpes HSV2 IGG test and the results came negative. i met a doctor and he suggested me to use some powder and tablets but still no use and started reappear after three weeks. at present, i have red rash on my thigh area when i scratch it looks like white dry skin but no itching, it seems white circles. and it started appearing white edge circles on hands, legs.

*added pictures*




Could you please any home help me what kind of bug is this ??
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Hi and maybe pricly heat rash or exzima. That area is under constant heat and sweat. If you want more accurate answer then have the area swabbed and a PCR test performed.
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I met dermatologist and he confirmed it's exzima(I am sure it's not exzim), i showed doctor all the pictures but not below one, i don't have this during my appointment with the doctor


It's some kind of dry flaky skin on pennis.. i am sure it's not exzima, can you try to identify what kind of bug is this ??
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